Pay in any of 28 major currencies

We are proud to accept payment by bank transfer directly in the following 28 major international currencies: GBP, EUR, USD, AUD, CHF, NZD, SEK, NOK, ILS, JPY, DKK, RUB, ZAR, PLN, MXN, CAD, SGD, SAR, RON, HUF, HKD, CZK, HRK, AED, TRY, BGN, QAR and THB. We also accept GBP, EUR and USD via Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club cards. Here’s how it works: If you prefer to pay us in a currency other than EUR, all payments will then be fairly and transparently converted into your major currency of choice based on the corresponding official ECB Foreign Exchange Reference Rate of the Euro on the day of your booking. We responsibly hedge our foreign exchange cash flows against excessive fluctuations.

Sail Puppy yacht charters now also include gratis a data internet connection of 1GB/day for the duration of the booked sailing holidays (up to 5 of your devices can be connected concurrently via WiFi to a small, portable, hassle-ree wireless internet device we provide). Last, but not least, all our yacht charters include free-of-charge insurance coverage against shipowner insolvency (financial failure), by a highly acclaimed UK insurer and underwriter.


A. Our yacht charter prices include:

1) 12% VAT and all commissions, 2) A dinghy with a small outboard engine, 3) GPS instrument, autopilot and gas canisters for cooking purposes, 4) Marina fees for the first and last nights of the journey, at the agreed embarkation and disembarkation ports, 5) Full yacht fuel tank(s) and fresh water tank(s).

B. The end-cleaning fee is an obligatory extra payable in cash upon embarkation and includes one set of bed linen, towels and quilts per cabin, per week of yacht charter.

C. Not included in the charter price are the following costs: a) Skipper and/or hostess, who can be hired upon request for an extra fee, b) Diesel consumed during the journey and c) Outboard engine gasoline. Upon return of the yacht to the agreed disembarkation port, it will be fully refueled with diesel at the cost of the clients, who thus will only pay for the diesel actually consumed, as boats are always delivered with full diesel tanks.

D. A refundable security deposit ranging between €2,000 and €4,000 for yachts up to 58″ must be provided to the shipowner by the clients upon embarkation, via authorisation (not actual charge) of this amount on a credit/debit card. The deposit is subsequently returned in full at the end of their journey by the shipowner when no damage has been incurred to the yacht. Otherwise, the fair repair cost of any damage(s) caused and/or for replacing any lost equipment shall be withheld by the ship-owner (not Sail Puppy Ltd) and only the balance will be returned to the clients. The actual amount of the security deposit to be provided depends upon the type, size, model and age of the boat chartered as shipowners see fit and it will be known prior to booking a yacht charter with Sail Puppy Ltd.

E. A yacht charter is governed by a charter contract. A yacht charter booking with Sail Puppy is considered to be valid and active only after its yacht charter contract has been signed by the client and the first instalment (50% of the charter price) has been duly provided. The yacht charter has to have been fully paid for one (1) month prior to embarkation, at the very latest. Failure to do so leads to the cancelation of the yacht charter and any money already provided by the customer shall be withheld by the shipowner as cancelation fees.

F. If you cancel your yacht charter, the following cancelation fees will apply:

1) For bookings cancelled 60 days or more prior to the embarkation date, a cancelation fee amounting to 30% of the total charter price will be withheld, 2) For bookings canceled between 59 and 31 days prior to the embarkation date, a cancelation fee amounting to 50% of the total charter fee will be withheld, 3) For bookings canceled 30 days or less prior to the embarkation date, the full amount (100%) of the charter fee will be withheld as a cancelation fee. In case the sailboat of the yacht charter being canceled is ultimately rebooked for the period being canceled, any cancelation fees will be refunded.

Please note, that the cancelation fees are imposed and retained in full by shipowners – not by Sail Puppy Ltd. – as compensation against charter days lost. Sail Puppy Ltd. does not retain or receive any cancelation fees in cases of yacht charter cancelations.