Our offer of bareboat, skippered and crewed yacht charters to Greece here at Sail Puppy means that you’ve got plenty of choice when attempting to decide which kind of sailing break would best suit you.

However, crewed yacht charters can present particular issues as far as onboard etiquette is concerned, so here are just some of the things we would advise you to do.

1. Request permission to board

When you turn up to your yacht for the first time, you may not need to ask the crew whether it’s OK for you to board. But it’s nonetheless good manners, and costs you nothing other than a few seconds at the very beginning and most impressionable stage of your relationship with them.

2. Talk to the captain regularly

Remember that the captains on crewed yacht charters to Greece are not servants, so you should treat them with courtesy.

Even better advice would be to strike up a friendship with your captain, who is likely to be extremely knowledgeable on the subject of the best unsung spots to discover on your break – and so much more besides.

3. Have a flexible attitude to the itinerary

Yes, you may have spent a while constructing the perfect itinerary, but other factors – in particular, weather – can strike to compromise your plans at short notice.

This is where it really pays to listen to your captain’s words. The chances are that he knows the Greek seas as well as anyone else, so if he advises against you visiting a given destination right now, it’s probably because he’s carefully assessed the risk and determined that such a route isn’t worthwhile.

4. Take responsibility for your children

As friendly as many yacht charter crews are, and as willing as some crew members may seemingly be to do a limited amount of ‘babysitting’ for your child, the bottom line is that they aren’t qualified to be babysitters and so shouldn’t be expected to take on this responsibility.

Yes, you might fancy going shopping or exploring for a few hours while leaving your children on the yacht to be looked after by the crew – but you will need to carefully peruse the contract of the yacht charter to ascertain whether you are even allowed to do this.

5. Give feedback to your yacht charter firm

Even a yachting break that was relatively trouble-free may have been subject to some glitches or had some areas where improvement could easily happen for next time. So, make sure any thoughts you share with the company with regard to what could have been better are sincere.

Finally, remember that you’re on vacation – so relax and enjoy your trip! Alternatively, if you aren’t on your holiday quite yet, make an enquiry now about our bareboat, skippered and crewed yacht charters in Greece, so that you can discuss and decide on the right kind of charter for you and your family or friends.

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